Dental surgery

Teeth are extracted for a variety of reasons:

When caries or injury damage substantial part of the tooth or its root and the root cannot be used for prosthetic purposes

 When infection damages gum tissues that surround your tooth and non-invasive methods cannot be used to stop the process

 When complete tooth cutting is impossible

 Due to orthodontic recommendations, when extraction of a tooth will allow to align teeth properly and prevent or correct malocclusion.

Before an extraction, the dentist will take your dental and medical history, noting your condition, examine your teeth and take x-rays, if necessary.

X-rays show the length, shape and position of tooth roots as well as condition of the adjacent bone. Based on this information, the dentist may assess the degree of surgery’s difficulty and take a decision about possible referral of a patient to specialist.

Before an extraction, the dentist anaesthetizes the patient. There are various anaesthetization methods – beginning from local anaesthetization to general anaesthesia. While selecting a method, the doctor takes into consideration the general medical condition of the patient, as well as scope and degree of surgery’s difficulty.

Informing the doctor about your current or earlier illnesses, any allergies or tendency to bleeding is in the well understood interest of the patient.

Immediately following tooth extraction it is very important to keep the extraction site clean to prevent infection. The dentist will ask you to gently bite on the piece of dry, sterile gauze for 15-30 minutes to reduce bleeding. You are advised to avoid eating, drinking hot drinks or alcohol, mouth washing or brushing your teeth near the extraction site.

After the anaesthetic ceases to have effect you can expect to feel a small pain or discomfort, which quickly subside.  You can apply cold compresses and use painkillers for relief. However, if pain, swelling or bleeding persist, you should consult the doctor again.

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