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  • On Tomasz Depta :

    Very good dentist . The doctor is a doctor by vocation , is able to accurately diagnose the symptoms reported by the patient. It is gentle and competent , and cures without pain. We would recommend and thank you for your healthy smile . Grateful patient Mary ( 15 October 2013 )

    15 october 2013
  • On Marek Jaśniewicz :
    Excellent dentist.very good approach to the patient , a great modern equipment, very decent prices , very good.I do implants and I’m very happy . I would recommend !!!

    Małgorzata G
    2 august 2016
  • Dr. Jaśniewicz saved me from the terrible pain of dry socket after tooth extraction , which struggled for nearly a week ! Sorry former dentist , who removed me the tooth led me to the terrible suffering of anyone using unknown methods of treatment of dry socket . Dr. Jaśniewicz is a fantastic doctor , knows his stuff . Super professional. Great approach to the patient . I highly recommend !!!!

    1 december 2011
  • I use the services of Mr. Dr. Mark Jaśniewicz for several years . Recently I decided to pay a implantation . Long delayed because the implants are not cheap , and I was afraid of surgery but it happened that I had no choice. All worked out and looks great . I would add that it is a front tooth ! The doctor is nice and polite , explains everything , not pulls the patient to unnecessary treatments and always shows an alternative solution.

    23 march 2011
  • I happened to study the recommendation , it was about the removal of tooth 8. Earlier scare me surgeon and some cosmic prices . Dr. Marek Jaśniewicz commissioned a panoramic photograph , and said that he will remove it . Zab was removed very efficiently and painlessly and the price was very decent , ie 140 PLN ( in Gabin surgeon wanted 500zl )

    30 august 2010
  • I have done in the doctor’s bridge on 13 teeth and it worked beautifully . I zahwycona professionalism with which the doctor comes to their patients . I had bad teeth through my previous dentist (many had to be improved) and the doctor never commented in the style of who you are so …… informed only that you need to improve and everything will be fine . My treatment lasted for 14 days and I have a whole new jaw , better look great feeling . Thank you sir .

    2 august 2010

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