Implants and their operation.

What are dental implants?

This modern method of cosmetic dentistry , which is an alternative to supplement missing teeth for dentures. The implants are made of titanium , and the fastening is carried out by surgery . To dig implant is completely safe , because this process requires only local anesthesia .

Is it possible to distinguish the implant from its neighboring natural teeth ?

Implants are an excellent alternative for the missing natural teeth , because the material from which they are made can be perfectly adjusted to the color of permanent teeth , and therefore difficult to see the difference between the implant and a natural tooth . A dental implant is the right cavernous crown , which resembles a natural tooth enamel .



The process of establishment of implants is preceded by an analysis of X-rays by a doctor and scheduling activities . Then, after deciding that the patient qualifies for implant treatment in the bone implant is inserted , under local anesthesia . After this integration must occur during the implant functions by root canal , stabilizing the prosthetic cover .


After a certain period of time ( not less than six weeks) the doctor puts in place wrzepienia implant healing screw , whose task is the formation of gums. At this time also it takes the impression of the tooth , which is sent to a laboratory for preparation of the crown. The crown is made of porcelain and prosthetic techniques ensures that the teeth match the rest of shape and color . This item can replace the natural tooth aesthetically and functionally .


After a period of not less than two weeks since the founding of healing screw physician places the superstructure and the implant crown . After this we are learning to have their own , healthy teeth .

The implants are a preferred form of filling , because:

Again, you can enjoy eating different kinds of food

You do not need to use too pleasant denture adhesives

The implants can take care of their own teeth as

We gain a nicer appearance

Prevent bone atrophy , to preserve the natural contour of the gums

Contribute to the improvement of health , for example, by better chewing of food

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