GBR – Guided bone regeneration

GBR - Guided bone regeneration , what is it used?

Increasingly, we see the popularity of implant treatment methods . A few years ago , these methods have been used only in the bones of the jaw , whose size and density was right. Therefore, the restrictions on this method were very large .

Currently, we have the ability to place the implant where its use would be the best solution from the point of view of prosthetic solutions . This is possible due to the significant advances in the development of the art techniques and regeneration of bone.

A very important element that determines the use of guided tissue regeneration of bone ( GBR ) is insufficient and poor quality of the patient’s bones , which makes it impossible to carry out endosteal implantation. Approximately 41 % of these procedures implant requires additional share GBR .

Failure guided bone regeneration does not allow for the introduction of implants and, therefore, the patient receives a chance to get healthy and beautiful teeth. Very often already during the implant surgery the doctor must decide on the application of GBR or discontinuation of implant surgery .

Thickening layer of bone and tissue reconstruction is possible by using the GBR . An important task of the physician performing the procedure guided tissue regeneration of bone is to prevent the movement of cells in place of the newly formed bone tissue , which was used special membrane.

By applying appropriate biominerałów , which are bone substitutes , we can rebuild the bone tissue and widen it in that direction. After a period of six to nine months they biominerały join the bone and form the basis for the creation of a new bone structure , which do not differ properly from the bones of their own , after seeing them on the X-ray . Artificial membranes but are absorbed by the body after completing its role.

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